🙋🏼‍♂️ Hi, i am Artem Boiko

I am a miner who switched to data mining. Today i am Datamanager and implementing Python scripts and processes automation in construction industry.

✏️ On the LinkedIn and Xing platform, I write various articles about processes automation and simply engineering topics.

My Career

I have been working with various 3D CAD programs for 15 years and have gained great experience in construction: from mine construction to high-rise construction.

I am a big fan of automation in construction.

👷🏼 I believe that thanks tools such as Python and Jupyter Notebook in a few years we will reduce our routine work many times over.

And Big Data and Machine Learning will give us the opportunity to predict the cost and time parameters in construction. Big Data and Machine Learning is a new world for Construction industry.

👷🏼 My last few automation work

ONE HOUR work – in ONE MINUTE. Autodesk Revit – Smart Planning with Dynamo

One HOUR in one MINUTE. Revit&Dynamo. Creating Proction Assembly Drawings

BIM Project Management in Revit with 4D Time and 5D Cost .

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