📈 Time is money or how to present process optimization results.

🚀 Thousands of processes are waiting for #automation. Already today you can create a list of “thousands of small processes” that can be fully automated (in Revit, in Autodesk, SAP, Microsoft AX, etc.)

📈 You creat new tools or #automating processes in your company and do you want to present the results of your decision? You often come across the choice of how is the best way to show the results.

The effectiveness of the decision will be measured by time or money.

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. William Penn

🙋🏻‍♂️ Instead of presentations, I recommend recording short videos, 1-3 minutes in duration, in which you can easily compare the duration of the processes that are executed as standardand the new duration of the process which is optimized (#Dynamo, #Grasshoper, #Rhino, #Python)

📺 In this video, you can see how you can combine multiple building elements into a single assembly and how to place instances and quickly generate assembly views using #Dynamo & #Python. Usually, such work takes 1 hour of “pure time” and using the scripts of Dynamo and Python, you can reduce this work to one minute.

📺 In the second video you can see how you can numbering of Schedule/Quantities using Dynamo & Python . Reducing the time of the designer from one hour (minimum) to 1 minute.

All the videos I create in the Vegas program from Sony. Very simple and enjoyable to use program. Thanks to the developers for such a convenient and fast interface.

Excess free time is most likely more important for our happiness than extra income.

For example, a few hours working as a volunteer in a charity can bring us more joy than paid work, which we could do instead.

⏳ Time flies faster. Many industries are unable to cope with the amount of data and are gradually disappearing in the past.

🚀 The right tools help companies facilitate employee interactions with each other and with customers, as well as increase business transparency. So you can reduce domestic costs, while increasing profits. Automate the planning processes in your company – otherwise competitors who will do it before you will bypass you.

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